ordering and prices

There is a vast array of photography products available. Prices are listed for the mainstream items but please contact me directly if you have a specific request or size not listed below. POSTAGE AND PACKING IS NOT INCLUDED. (Delivery costs to Jersey vary enormously and can be significant)


Photo prints are produced using Silver Halide light sensitive photographic paper exposed on a ZBE Chromira printer then processed using Kodak professional chemistry, not to be confused with inferior mini lab or inkjet technology. Landscape, Portrait and Panorama Prints are available.

12"x8"£ 25 
18"x12"£ 40 
20" x 8"£ 40Exact proportions may vary depending on the print.
24"x16"£ 60 
30" x 12"£ 85Exact proportions may vary depending on the print.
30"x20"£ 95 

Acrylic Prints

A contemporary, frameless way to display your images, mounted to create the impression the image is floating from the wall.

!8" x 12" £ 115 
24" x 16" £ 150 
30" x 20" £ 200 


High grade canvases using the latest Epson colour ultra chrome inks. The image is heat sealed for UV and Moisture protection.

!8" x 12"£ 110 
24" x 16"£ 130 
30" x 20"£ 160